A week in film recipes #2: Fujichrome Sensia 100

I wrote about wanting to find my own style in this post about my 12 most used film recipes. But these recipes are a great starting point and maybe I don’t even need to develop my own styles but choose one that works for me, maybe tweak it a little. So I made a long shortlist of film recipes from Fujixweekly and committed myself to shoot one recipe exclusively on my X-T3 for one week. This week I tried out Fujichrome Sensia 100.

Ausfahrt frei halten by Paul Hoppe Photograohy
Number 4 (2021) Fujifilm X-T3 + TTArtisan 35mm F1.4

There is so much beauty in decay. In old metal, in rust and in weathered color. Although I would not want to touch the gate with my bare hands.

tree branches
Autumn in Summer (2021) Fujifilm X-T3 + TTArtisan 35mm F1.4

This was shot in July. The city finally decided to deal with one of the dead trees. Strange to see these colors at this time.

house and brick wall
Ruined by bricks (2021) Fujifilm X-T3 + TTArtisan 35mm F1.4

A beautiful old house albeit without the creepers. The rails are attached to the outside walls though. The only thing making this scene so ugly is the cheap brick wall. I hope the owners made their side more beautiful.

gate trash can flower bed
trashy flower bed (2021) Fujifilm X-T3 + TTArtisan 35mm F1.4

These concrete hexagonal things were used as public trash cans in East Germany. They were made out of the cheapes concrete possible and were lined with an equally cheap plastic bin that could be removed and emptied easily. Nowadays you can find some still left from this era and mostly used as flower beds.

soft cone (2021) Fujifilm X-T3 + TTArtisan 35mm F1.4

When I am bored I shoot the occasional plant, twig, flower or weird cone.

I did not enjoy my week (well it was two days) of shooting with this film recipe. It looks just too neutral. I mostly avoid the Provia setting on my camera anyway. Nevertheless it was good to force me to use it just to really know that I do not like it.