A week in film recipes #3: Portra v2 for X-Trans II

I wrote about wanting to find my own style in this post about my 12 most used film recipes. These recipes are a great starting point and maybe I don’t even need to develop my own styles but choose one that works for me, maybe tweak it a little. So I made a long shortlist of film recipes from Fujixweekly and committed myself to shoot one recipe exclusively on my X-T3 for one week. I got a good deal on an almost new Fujifilm X70 so I tried the Portra v2 recipe which tries to mimic the famous Kodak Portra 400 film stock.

window with writing on it
freshly baked cake (2021) Fujifilm X70

What a weird sign? There was a regular blackboard and in front of it a window with the words “Cake (homemade) & Café”. The photographer can be seen in the reflection.

Entry (2011) Fujifilm X70

I find these small entryways very fascinating. Modern cars barely fit through. Imagine waking up in the morning and trying to maneuver through this “tunnel” when still somewhat tired. And then there are doors that could swing open at any moment.

tourists in potsdam
Tourists (2021) Fujifilm X70

I want to try my hand at street and people photography. The Fujifilm X70 seems quite discreet. I think even more so than the smaller XQ2. The latter would zoom out it’s lens making it very obvious what I was pointing at. With the X70 I just flip out the screen and pretend to look at my photos while taking a shot with the touchscreen. Nifty little feature.

This tourist family caught my eye. They were all taking an image of the “Brandenburg Gate” with their phones. Except one daughter who decided to actually look at the monument.

window with writing
Iced (2021) Fujifilm X70

Another window pane offering delicious goods. Iced coffee and cocoa. The photographer can be seen again.

Friedenskirche Potsdam
Hallway (2021) Fujifilm X70

The hallway of Potsdam’s “Friedenskirche” or Church of Peace. A beautiful and truly serene place. Unlike other churches this one is not open all the time because it is mostly a tourist attraction. Still it is a proper church with congregation, priest and regular services. My daughter was baptized here.

Friedenskirche Potsdam
Pond of Peace (2021) Fujifilm X70

The same church from the outside with it’s pond aptly named Pond of Peace. How can one disagree with such a name. Looking at the image I think I should have overexposed it even more. Really make the sky glow and almost drown the background trees in light.

I like this film recipe very much. This one not only made it on my shortlist but it will definitely get a permanent spot. It seems like an ideal look for daylight or evening urban scenes but it handles greens well too. I took some images of my family that day and skin tones were ok…I would use something else for portraits though. Nevertheless I do adore the warm pastel look this recipe seems to have.