A week in film recipes #4: Kodachrome 64

I wrote about wanting to find my own photographic style in a sea of jpeg recipes and Lightroom presets. These recipes are a great starting point and it is my idea to test and modify several different ones. I want to use only recipe for a week to see what can be done with it under different lighting conditions and with different motives. This time I am using Kodachrome 64 because it is available for the Fujifilm X-T3 and X70.

Blumentöpfe auf Stufen
Flowery Welcome (2021)
Gate (2021)

The theme here is metal. The first one nicely painted with and inviting array of flower pots, the second one with flaky paint and rust. Where would you want to enter?

Mann und Frau hinter Motorroller
Street Vespa (2021)
Alte Frau auf Bank
Waiting or observing (2021)

Two attempts at street photography. De first photo was just luck but I like the result. The second one was planned. I like the idea of observing the observer.

Rathaus Potsdam
City Hall (2021)
historische Fassade Potsdam
Diagonal (2021)
Landgericht Potsdam
Edge of Justice (2021)

Lately I enjoy using diagonal lines when takings photos of buildings. You are supposed to use straight lines and a tripod to avoid distorted lines but I do not care. I am the artist and I like skewed lines.

I enjoyed this recipe more than the Portra400 one. This one her offers more harshness, more contrast and more grit. I do like both but this one speaks more to the darker part of my soul that usually dominates my work.

I used the Fujifilm X-T3 with a Helios 44M and a Fujinon EBC 28mm lens for M42 mount. One photo was taken with the Fujifilm X70. Can you guess which one?