Subway above ground

Olympus PEN E-P1 Above Ground Subway
Above Ground Subway (2011) Olympus PEN E-P1 + M.Zuiko 17mm/2.8@3.5 1/125s ISO 100

New Yorkers are probably not wondering about this but Berlin has subways that go above ground. They are still called “Untergrundbahn” (underground rail) even though they are clearly above ground as my picture proves. This line is the U2 (no relation to Bono) and it is in part above and below ground.

Back in 1910 when the construction on this part began the first few tunnels were so expensive that they decided to continue the line as an elevated rail because it was considerably cheaper. Complaints from the people who would have see and hear a rattling subway car in front of their windows were brushed aside. You can see how close the buildings are.

Today this avenue “Schönhauser Allee” is an affluent part of town and people pay a premium to live in those house right next to the subway. It is part of the Berlin charm. Well I’d rather not have that train rattling through my living room all day 🙂 but it is a unique view and you can watch the trains and passengers all day if you like.

I had to be quick about this shot because my train was about to arrive but I made sure to overexpose the buildings to get this high-key look where the station gets lost in white and almost dreamy urban landscape.

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