• Rainy Day

    Rainy Day

    Some details from a rainy day walk. I think the muted dark green colors captured my interest that day.

  • First photowalk with my “new” Nikon D80

    First photowalk with my “new” Nikon D80

    It’s been a while since I bought myself an old Nikon D80. I chose this particular camera because it was one of the last DSLRs still using a CCD sensor.

  • Stairs


    I like stairs. They come in so many forms, sizes and colors. It is always nice to catch some stairs empty especially the ones connecting train platforms with the streets above or below them.

  • Selection 2022

    Selection 2022

    I just finished the selection of my twelve personal favorites from last year. Have a look here to see them in more detail.

  • Street Experiments

    Street Experiments

    Street photography is something that lately I came to appreciate. These are my experiments mostly from 2022. These photos are neither great nor outstanding. I consider them experimental and claim no expertise or craftsmanship in this genre. But I am also of the opinion that we should share our experiments, try-outs and failures so we…

  • Neglected train yard

    Neglected train yard

    Nature took over this old railyard. It has not been in use for decades. My two favorites are these shots of tree lined path. It can be such a dreamy place.

  • Waiting on the move

    Waiting on the move

    A snapshot while waiting for yet another delayed train. The woman seemed out of place compared to the other passengers around.

  • I bought myself a Nikon D80 for Christmas

    I bought myself a Nikon D80 for Christmas

    I am spending way too much time looking at screens. Screens are everywhere. Even when I am out shooting I look at a screen either trough the viewfinder or at the back display. And I remembered a time, I was starting out with photography, when cameras that used an electronic viewfinder were considered as somewhat…

  • Photopresso Collection

    Photopresso Collection

    I put all my Photopresso ☕️ posts in one collection here.

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