• Berlin Hauptbahnhof

    Berlin Hauptbahnhof

    The main station of Berlin. Ugly and fascinating all at once. There is shopping, fast food and litter everywhere. A giant concrete monster sucking people in and spitting them out. Some almost literally.

  • Lake Impressions

    Lake Impressions

    Recently I went on a small vacation to the old cloister and garrison town of Neuruppin. Small quaint and beautiful towns and cities aren’t really my thing, photographically speaking, personally I enjoy the quiet and smallness though. So the waterfront was much more interesting too me. I don’t really do landscapes all that much but…

  • 28mm, 35mm or 50mm…my most used focal lengths

    28mm, 35mm or 50mm…my most used focal lengths

    I recently went through a phase of evaluating the number of lenses and cameras I own. There is always this conflict between having lots of options and keeping myself limited to a few select choices. The first one is curiosity and the fun in buying and trying new things, the second one is my minimalism,…

  • Next train in 10 minutes

    Next train in 10 minutes

    Late at night. An underground train station. Next train in 10 minutes. Seems like a short photo challenge. Here are some of the results. I love the green tiles combined with the brown and dark red of the trains and signs.

  • Rainy Day

    Rainy Day

    Some details from a rainy day walk. I think the muted dark green colors captured my interest that day.

  • First photowalk with my “new” Nikon D80

    First photowalk with my “new” Nikon D80

    It’s been a while since I bought myself an old Nikon D80. I chose this particular camera because it was one of the last DSLRs still using a CCD sensor.

  • Stairs


    I like stairs. They come in so many forms, sizes and colors. It is always nice to catch some stairs empty especially the ones connecting train platforms with the streets above or below them.

  • Selection 2022

    Selection 2022

    I just finished the selection of my twelve personal favorites from last year. Have a look here to see them in more detail.

  • Street Experiments

    Street Experiments

    Street photography is something that lately I came to appreciate. These are my experiments mostly from 2022. These photos are neither great nor outstanding. I consider them experimental and claim no expertise or craftsmanship in this genre. But I am also of the opinion that we should share our experiments, try-outs and failures so we…