• Neglected train yard

    Neglected train yard

    Nature took over this old railyard. It has not been in use for decades. My two favorites are these shots of tree lined path. It can be such a dreamy place.

  • Waiting on the move

    Waiting on the move

    A snapshot while waiting for yet another delayed train. The woman seemed out of place compared to the other passengers around.

  • I bought myself a Nikon D80 for Christmas

    I bought myself a Nikon D80 for Christmas

    I am spending way too much time looking at screens. Screens are everywhere. Even when I am out shooting I look at a screen either trough the viewfinder or at the back display. And I remembered a time, I was starting out with photography, when cameras that used an electronic viewfinder were considered as somewhat…

  • Photopresso Collection

    Photopresso Collection

    I put all my Photopresso ☕️ posts in one collection here.

  • Sky Oasis

    Sky Oasis

    Places like the Sky Oasis let you know where you are. Somewhere with people who have little money and lots of time. Somewhere people don’t really visit were it not for family or maybe work. Somewhere uninteresting, boring, with little public life…like a small town in East Germany where most people simply have their homes…

  • Dessau City Center: Reconstructed Slices

    Dessau City Center: Reconstructed Slices

    A warm autumn trip to Dessau. Home of the Bauhaus movement. We also managed to explore parts of the city center which was badly destroyed during WWII. There was not enough time to do a proper documentation instead I selected a few slices of buildings constructed after the war.

  • Dessau: New Master’s Houses

    Dessau: New Master’s Houses

    A warm autumn trip to Dessau. Home of the Bauhaus movement. We visited the New Master’s Houses. These houses were built for other artists and craftsmen using modern building techniques to create a kind of artist’s colony. Some were destroyed during WWII and have been rebuild as empty concrete shapes used for exhibitions. https://www.bauhaus-dessau.de/en/architecture/bauhaus-buildings-in-dessau/new-masters-houses.html

  • Peaceful Church / Friedenskirche

    Peaceful Church / Friedenskirche

    One of my favorite buildings and places in Potsdam: The Church of Peace or “Friedenskirche”. The colonnades offer a place of calm and respite from our busy world. And a spot for young adults from the nearby high school to hang out.

  • New Project: Selection 2021

    New Project: Selection 2021

    Have a look at my selection of twelve interesting photographs from 2021 here.