Brick Office

Brick Office (2008)
Brick Office (2008)
Canon EOS 20D + EF-S 18-55 30mm@F9 1/25s ISO 200

I took this picture when I was still very new to complex cameras. Why in the world did I stop the lens down to F9? Well we all have to start learning somewhere.

Astute readers might recognize this place from an earlier post. It is the exact same building but with the shot just taken from the other side. And of course eight years earlier. You can clearly see the improvement in composition and exposure in the second picture.

Panasonic GM1: Dark Alley with swivel chair
“Swivel Chair” (2016) Panasonic GM1 + Lumix G 20mm/1.7@F3.5 1/500s ISO 200

Nevertheless these pictures remind me of my ongoing fascination with urban change and renewal. I love how old industrial buildings are being converted into mostly offices but also shops and apartments. Sure building new would most likely be more efficient, cheaper and offer more gross area to rent or sell. But keeping at least the shells of these old buildings makes urban areas more unique and keeps a connection to the past.

Well if people would actually stop and try to discover this connection. I am sure most people now living in the area do not even know what these buildings were built for originally. Maybe even the office workers in them don’t know. I do though ๐Ÿ™‚