dandelions caught in fence
caught (2021) Fujifilm X-T3 + LTII + Beroflex 35-70mm MC TriX 400 film recipe

I am not sure how it happened but a few dandelions were growing here. They got caught in a rusty old fence. They are stuck. As much as plants can get stuck anyway. Those flowers could not even bob and weave in the wind. They were prisoners. But their seeds were blown away (literally) by the wind. They were free to fly and sail through the air, to find a new space, a new home and to be free.

Sometimes I think the image represents a certain aspect of my life. My childhood was not an easy one and some scars have remained. Some damage can’t be repaired or the repair takes so long, that by the time freedom from the past has been somewhat achieved too many years have passed. Some opportunities were simply not available to me with no fault of my own. I was caught in a rusty fence that was maintained throughout generations of dysfunctional family dynamics.

But I see my child as one of those dandelion seeds. Full of opportunity and potential. I am working very hard on making sure that she does not get tangled up in the rusty fence. She will certainly get a glimpse at it and with age I might even be able to explain it to her. But it will only ever be a story Dad tells her. Something that starts with “When I was your age…” and ends with a moaning eye roll in response from her. And that is how it should be…🙄

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