Classic Negative Evening Walk

I love Fujifilm cameras because of their built-in film simulations. These give images a certain look without much editing. And not only that, they offer a unique and consistent look. For color images I mostly use Classic Chrome due to its subdued colors and complex tonality. Recently though I saw someone being very enthusiastic about Classic Negative saying it looks contrasty and “filmic”. So I went out for an evening walk through the park to capture some images.

Roman Baths
Sicilian Pond

This reminds me of old vacation pictures. Except for the exceptional dynamic range, clean colors and practically zero grain. The so-called Roman baths have never ever seen anyone bathing. They are purely decorative. The pond looks Sicilian but is actually still located in Germany. A certain king was very much enamored with Renaissance Italy and tried to recreate it here. It kind of works for two months when it is hot enough. It seems somewhat out of place in winter.

Sunstar I
Sunstar II