Don’t forget fitness

closed gym above bakery #dontforgetfitness
#dontforgetfitness (2021) Fuji X-T3 + Lens Turbo II + Fujicon EBC 28mm/F3.5 Analog Color Sim

I took the following shot on one of our walks through the mask-free parts of town. This is the front of a closed off shopping center. The only retailers open for business are supermarkets, flower shops, drugstores and bakeries. The gym above has been closed for months now. Their hashtag #dontforgetfitness is a helpless plea to let people exercise again. But hey…at least you can get a whole load of carbs downstairs even on a Sunday when most shops are closed.

I find it very ironic that the places were people actually do something for their health are locked down while the sale of sugary treats goes on unimpeded. Looking at the biggest risk factors they are advanced age, obesity and diabetes. While physical fitness is often associated with an immune system better equipped to deal with infections. This image captures the irony perfectly. Btw…of course we bought some delicious cakes which we consumed on a nearby park bench. At least I got my 10k steps according to my there is that 😉

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