Fields and Leaves

If you browse through my posts and images you quickly realize that my “sujet” is the urban environment, especially the ugly, neglected or utilitarian kind. Which is kind of ironic because these environments usually stress me out being highly sensitive. Maybe depicting them as empty and quiet spaces is my way to deal with them.

Fields I
Leaves I

Lately though I am more and more drawn to Nature. To wide spaces, calm, a lot of green, smells of flowers, earth and water. It is moments like these where I do miss owning a car. It makes reaching Nature much easier than public transport or depending on where you live biking.

Fields III
Leaves II

I am glad that I live somewhere with lots of Nature around me although much of it tends to be manicured park land. Nevertheless it is very soothing. A few weeks ago a special someone and I took a car out to just a few kilometers outside of town. Technically it was still within city limits. There we just wandered about and found a nice little spot overseeing the fields and tree lined roads. There were corn flowers, poppies and grass everywhere. It smelled incredible.

Fields II

The light was not that great but there were some pretty dramatic clouds enriching the scene. I did enjoy the small time I was able to sit there and overlook the fields. It felt very relaxing. Nearby was a geographical middle of some kind, a weird thing to a plaque up for.

Fields IV

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