Glinting Sun

Glinting Sun shot with the Canon EOS 20DG
Glinting Sun (2009) Canon EOS 20D and Sigma 70-300mm 80mm@F5 1/400s ISO 100

Something I like to do but rarely find the time for are morning walks on the weekend especially on Sundays. I enjoy the quiet and calm of the city when most people are still in bed or just got up. And precisely the unwillingness to get up on a Sunday morning makes those walks rather rare. Everything in life is a trade off.

On this morning more than ten years ago me and my girlfriend went on a walk to one of the proper train stations. This station was accorded the privilege by German law to have some stores open on Sundays. Germany is to this day very strict about having all it’s stores closed on this day. It used to be that Sundays were reserved for church but most Germans are no longer actively religious anymore.

Nevertheless on our way down there we came across one of the many new office buildings that have sprung up in the years before. This one was an ugly glass monstrosity with no feel for design or urbanism. It absolutely did not fit into the neighborhood at all but it made for a nice reflection of the sun from the steel roof. Although you do not want to live across and have that glare whenever you look out of your windows.