Late afternoon walk

A few days ago I met with someone and we had planned a pleasant photo walk. Unfortunately the weather did not quite agree and we had to work with an overcast sky and lots of wind. But taking pictures together and enjoying each other’s company was more important that day. So we took a walk, talked, enjoyed some nature and took a few images. Because it was such a nice and pleasant late afternoon walk I wanted to share a few images.

We started out in a residential area that could be anywhere in Germany. Small apartment buildings, clean streets and no coffeeshops. People sleep in these places, they live their lifes in those houses but there is little life outside. Americans would call this Suburbia albeit on a much smaller scale.

A few minutes away and we had already entered a forestry path. It was lined with blackberries. No not the ones business people used to type away on. Most ripe ones were already picked but we snacked on a few anyway. Way above us were plums and later we found mirabelles. No one bothered collecting the latter which honestly was a shame they could be used for a nice jam.

But signs of agricultural use were everywhere. Fencing, gates, trailers and forestry paths. We talked about unspoiled nature and she told me that there is no place in Germany that is more than 7km away from any kind of building. Even without Google Maps you can’t really get lost in Germany anymore.

We found an old bench inside the forest and sat there listening to the trees almost roar in the increasing winds. It was powerful and serene at the same time.

And soon enough the first street light announced our return to civilization. The whole walk took only a bit more than an hour but if felt much longer. I very much enjoyed this small outing, the serenity of nature and our calm conversation. Thank you.

Photographic Notes:
All images were taken with my Fujifilm X70 set to a rather harsh black and white mode.