Lovely Red Box Coffeeshop

A red box coffee shop shot with the Fujifilm X100F
Red Box Coffeeshop (2020)
Fujifilm X100F 23mm@F5.6 1/125s ISO 400 ProNeg. Std Film Simulation

If you wander around Park Sanssouci in the winter time you might stumble upon this rickety little red box coffeeshop. Or should you call it a coffeebox? It is simply a small kiosk where they sell drinks, baked goods and because this is Germany grilled sausages.

It is bit out of the way from the main tourist attractions so the clientele tends to be families from the nearby neighborhood. And yes we are talking about hip, eco-friendly modern parents who wear organic linen and buy fancy sustainable Scandinavian brands for their children. It is a gentrified city so these are the people who live here. At least I have not seen parents who make their kids wear bike helmets on playgrounds.

And because we talked about gentrification everything here is way overpriced. But it is a really nice spot to sit down next to a historic building and a small channel with ducks and herons. There is lawn for the kids to run around where you can even bring your own blanket if you like.

The coffeeshop closes over winter but the grounds are still open and the benches are available. So I brought my thermos and had the place for myself. For like ten minutes because we are talking Germany in January here.

I am not much of a restaurant goer but I do enjoy a nice coffeeshop after a photowalk (or any other walk). Unfortunately due to social distancing and mask wearing visiting a coffeeshop has very little appeal right now. What is the point if it is not busy, if you do not have people next to you to strike up a conversation and if everyone looks at you like a potential disease vector.

Well these are times right now I guess. Sadly this little red box coffeeshop closes very soon and my café times are on hold until next spring (or until this pandemic crap ends).