My life in cameras: Part 9 Sony RX100 review the pocket wonder

How to find more time for photography

As much as I liked the Panasonic GM1 it was actually too big for being pocketable. Especially when I would add one of the other lenses. Especially in summer I would carry around a small bag anyway so what was the point right? So I thought about getting a used Sony RX100.

This was a really small but extremely capable little camera. It would literally fit in a shirt pocket. Not that I wear shirt pockets I do have style after all ;-). But this was really a take with me everywhere camera and I used it as such. Unfortunately it would struggle with high contrast scenes and the colors did not look pleasing to my eyes. So I mostly used it for black and white photography and I had trouble finding two decent color pictures.

In the end it was a very practical camera but it was also overly complicated and not a joy to use. I sold it pretty quickly.

Sony RX100 examples:

Misty Morning

Misty Morning (2017)
Misty Morning (2017) Sony RX100 100mm eq. F4.9 1/100s ISO 500

Misty mornings are a special time. I love the calmness and quiet. I had a short window for this picture though as the park was full of people doing their morning run. I have to say I came to really dislike runners taking over the park at times. They would often be in a state of trance completely focused on their route not willing to avoid anyone else.

Royal Avenue

Royal Avenue (2018)
Royal Avenue (2018) Sony RX100 28mm eq. F5.6 1/640s ISO 125

A big avenue connecting two historic castles. Rarely is such a shot possible with all the tourists walking up and down this avenue and neglecting all the interesting small paths branching off.


Downstairs (2019)
Downstairs (2019) Sony RX100 28mm eq F1.8 1/30s ISO 640

Of course I had this camera in my bag whenever I commuted to work so that I could take pictures of the wonderful stairs into nothing. They literally go nowhere. There ought to be a tunnel connecting different platforms but they keep these stairs closed since they were built.


Sony RX100: An empty S-Bahn train in winter after a glance encounter
Alone after a Glance Encounter Sony RX100 28mm F1.8 1/30s ISO 640

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