“Photopresso ☕”: One photo, one bad poem

A name appropriate as it is inappropriate
A construction worker ascending onto his heavenly throne
Sweet release after a hearty meal
The man inside standing on the shoulder of giants;
who made this mundane plastic box possible
A true Olymp of ingenuity

Yellow Snake
Gorging on the busy, the drunk and the merry
a ritual every Friday morning
I miss it

Patrick was here
left all his color on this bike
to impress a girl with it
have a nice ride

A waste of time
but one that made me
what I am today

An Odd Box
only the Initiated know
power, communication or bulk mail
a canvas for the Creative or Destructive

Go n’ Grow
Bee Vision
Striped Flutter
Keep Away

Survival on stone
Humans build
Creepers thrive
they must wonder why we continue

someone told me
yellow is a color we rarely use
but this city’s life depends on yellow