“Photopresso ☕”: One photo, one bad poem


#1: “The Olymp”
olymp portaapotty mobile toilet

A name appropriate as it is inappropriate
A construction worker ascending onto his heavenly throne
Sweet release after a hearty meal
The man inside standing on the shoulder of giants;
who made this mundane plastic box possible
A true Olymp of ingenuity

#2: “Odd Box”

An Odd Box
only the Initiated know
power, communication or bulk mail
a canvas for the Creative or Destructive

a grey box on the street
#3: “Yellow Snake”
berlin tram line m10 at nordbahnhof

Yellow Snake
Gorging on the busy, the drunk and the merry
a ritual every Friday morning
I miss it

#4: “Go n’ Grow”

Go n’ Grow
Bee Vision
Striped Flutter
Keep Away

a sign with flowers
#5: “Coral Reef Bike”
coral bike

Patrick was here
left all his color on this bike
to impress a girl with it
have a nice ride

#6: “Survival”

Survival on stone
Humans build
Creepers thrive
they must wonder why we continue

creeper vines
#7: “War, War never changes.”
sign post

A waste of time
but one that made me
what I am today

#8: “Wooosh”

someone told me
yellow is a color we rarely use
but this city’s life depends on yellow

subway berlin
#9: “Hold on!”
a checkered sign (hold on)

#10: “Empty Opportunity

torn off
but still screwed
an empty opportunity
is nothing

broken bench
#11: “Memories”
sunset over the baltic sea by Paul Hoppe Photography

Do we travel for memories or experiences
or to forget the boredom
If you do not feel the need for travel
then you are ready to truly explore

#12: “Old and New”

out of the old station
into the new office
both have the same heritage

office buildings
#13: “Car Lot”

car lot, what an adventurous place
but today, more parents and children on the playground
premium living and cargo bikes
was everything better in the past?
I think our adventures were

#14: “”Raise your hand for testing”

Hands up, testing!
only 119,90 € next day delivery
the indulgence of the hypochondriac
safe and clean

#15: “Gothic”

1000 years

#16: “Feuerbach-Triptych”

Going down together
Designing together
Eating together


#17: “This is something”

We must do something.
This is something.
Therefore, we must do this.

#18: “Compartmentalization”

Light Tube End Point
Our Brain
There are connections behind
So watch out

a picture of squares in black and white
#19: “Move upwards for great taste”
man riding escalator at berlin hauptbahnhof

Cathedrals of Mobility
Temples of Commerce
Halls of Fast Food
A modern train station

#20: “Postal Service”

Postal Service
they used to be everywhere
now only yellow trucks
delivering brown smiling boxes

#21: “A calm place to be”

Noise all around
Cars, trucks, trains and sirens
Calmness in chaos

#22: “Here we go”

Here we go
Day after day
enjoyable steps
into office routine

© 2022 Empty Snaps by Paul Hoppe