Photowalk Potsdam #1: Passages

A gray and overcast day. Still people were doing their shopping. I was more interested in all the entrances, passages and courtyards throughout the city. I like the little nooks and crannies I can find there. Unfortunately most people (i.e. tourists and shoppers) are too lazy to explore the side streets and courtyards and just walk the main shopping boulevard up and down. Many shops and restaurants in the courtyards did not survive the pandemic and lockdowns. Some space were converted to offices while many are still empty. Join me on this Photowalk through Potsdam city center.

Entrance to underground parking garage

Down (2022)

Entrance to underground parking garage
Through and Down (2022)

Courtyard entrance with glass door
Glass Courtyard (2022)

Passageway with shops
Through and Shop (2022)

A passageway and some shoppers
Entrance to Shopping (2022)

Alley in Potsdam
Alley: Old and New (2022)

Alley with creepers
Creepers (2022)

A small staircase
Up the stairs (2022)

A fire escape ladder
Up the ladder (2022)

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