Empty Tree Crown

This is the beginning of a series I want to establish on this blog. I will simply pick a random image from my collection and try to write something about it.

Fuji X100T Empty tree crown
Empty Tree Crown (10/2018) Fuji X100T 23mm(35mm eq)@F4 1/900s ISO 200

I took this picture on a stroll trough the park. They crop the trees into these ball shaped crowns. It looks especially interesting in autumn when one can see all the branches spreading in all directions. The park is part of a royal palace and I always ponder the ostentatious waste. Employing people to shape these trees just to satisfy some aristocrat’s whims and desires.

Ironically they still tend to the gardens although with less vigor. Tourists and patrons are a bit more stingy than the nobles from the past. And even a humble gardener demands quite a bit more salary than in the 18th century complete with health insurance and a pension plan. God takes care of the sick in heaven and kids are the best insurance in old age are very out of fashion. Quite unlike sculpted trees which can also be seen around company headquarters and modern city plazas.