Gardens of the World

Olympus E-M10: Gardens of the World
“Gardens of the World” (08/2014) Olympus OM-D E-M10 + M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8(90mm)@F4 1/2500s ISO 200

This was taken in a very weird place (at least for me weird) in Berlin. The “Gardens of the World“. It used to be park with playgrounds for the people inhabiting the newly built residential areas of East Berlin. But at some point in 2000 they changed the concept and began to showcase gardening styles from all over the world.

I liked to go there even though reaching this park with public transportation is a pain. It is on the outskirts of Berlin and if you stay in the city center it takes an hour to get there. But it is a weirdly calming oasis in the busy city even though the parks and the gastronomy are a bit tacky and overpriced. But do visit the Chinese garden and drink some tea (they serve dozens of different teas and not just teabags). Avoid the food stalls though except if you like to overpay for Currywurst.

In the last few years they have changed the park a bit. They added a cable car, more playgrounds, exhibitions and an open air arena. It has lost some of its relaxing charm and became more of a tourist attraction. Still it is worth a visit. What I always found interesting was the contrast between the peaceful park and socialist style housing blocks surrounding it. You never forget where you actually are.

I could have chosen on of the many beautiful pictures I took in the gardens. But this one captures what my visits felt like to me. Leaving the city behind to relax but never really escaping. The contrast between the fake Italian Garden and ugly tower makes this park quite interesting.