I have to say I really like this series of random pictures. I am using a randomizer to pick a photo from my collection and then I just let my thoughts and memories flow.

Panasonic GM1: Dark Alley with swivel chair
“Swivel Chair” (2016) Panasonic GM1 + Lumix G 20mm/1.7@F3.5 1/500s ISO 200

These are the little places one can find in Berlin if you go off the beaten track. Although this is very close to some tourist destinations. If I remember correctly this used to be a large transformer station with some office in the industrial 19th century brick style. Today it is one of the many places were you can find the famous Berlin startup scene.

The poor people have probably only for an hour a day the sun in their offices. But for a photographer this is a very nice place. Old brick buildings, some industrial remnants, hip offices and some nice coffee shops nearby. And no I did not put the swivel chair in the middle of the alley…it was already there in a perfect position.

Although many of the people working there are most likely not living in this area. Considering the amount of money most startups make in their first years (i.e. very little). The area nearby was already heavily gentrified and a favorite for actors and other media types. I would not be surprised if the businesses leave one day for cheaper office space and what you see will be converted to lofts with lofty prices.

Whenever I do black and white photography I like to crush the blacks or blow out the highlights. In this case there was nothing more the camera could do and I’d rather have the dark details in the buildings than the sky. Of course some HDR trickery would have helped but then I do dislike the HDR look very much.

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  1. Marie Rebelle Avatar

    A great image, and love reading a bit of background on it 🙂
    ~ Marie

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