Signs of Low Color

Germans love signs, we love to tell each other what not to do and where not to do it. Here is a small collection purposefully de-saturated.

Zone 30

This sign denotes a zone where motor vehicles shall not exceed a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Speed limits in Germany are one of the few rules that many people see as a suggestions often adding a a bit of speed. You know rounding up to keep the traffic flowing. Some even argue that strict adherence to city speed limits will actually cause more accidents because everyone else exceeds the limit anyway.

Potato Soup

It is quite strange to visit a bakery and café that sells cake, pie and coffee to see them also offer hearty potato soup. But what could be more German? I hope they add sausages because potato soup without sausage is just some weird vegetarian horror.

From the top: You can park your motor vehicle left and right from this sign, you need to buy a parking ticket, you do not need a parking ticket if your have a parking pass for residents with the numbers 120 and 130 and you only need a parking ticket weekdays between 8am and 8pm as well as on Saturday between 8am and 4pm. No wonder driving school takes so long.


See whatever you want in this picture.

Medical Fraternity

No. Not this kind of fraternity. The only thing that awaits you there is lobbying and bureaucracy.

Enter the Emergency

You shall not park here. People will be very angry and your fine pretty painful.