Streets of Potsdam #1: Shopping

Woman biking in front of store
Waiting (2022)
Designer furniture: Products for people with too much money. She did not have too much money.
A woman with shopping bags
Shopping (2022)
She had at least some money to spend. And the obligatory neck guard.
Man waiting in passage
Waiting (2022)
He was maybe waiting for someone else to finish shopping.
A narrow passage
Halfway House (2022)
A shortcut. There is a jail nearby. So do not shoplift!
A public bus
Public Transport (2022)
The illusion of speed. If you have a valid ticket. Brings you to your shopping area of choice.

Photographic Notes:
Shot with the Fujifilm X-E4 + XF27mm 2.8 lens and my custom b&w recipe on a drizzly day. I think these images capture quite well the dreary winter days in Germany. Which one do you like best?