• Sky Oasis

    Sky Oasis

    Places like the Sky Oasis let you know where you are. Somewhere with people who have little money and lots of time. Somewhere people don’t really visit were it not for family or maybe work. Somewhere uninteresting, boring, with little public life…like a small town in East Germany where most people simply have their homes…

  • Dessau City Center: Reconstructed Slices

    Dessau City Center: Reconstructed Slices

    A warm autumn trip to Dessau. Home of the Bauhaus movement. We also managed to explore parts of the city center which was badly destroyed during WWII. There was not enough time to do a proper documentation instead I selected a few slices of buildings constructed after the war.

  • Dessau: New Master’s Houses

    Dessau: New Master’s Houses

    A warm autumn trip to Dessau. Home of the Bauhaus movement. We visited the New Master’s Houses. These houses were built for other artists and craftsmen using modern building techniques to create a kind of artist’s colony. Some were destroyed during WWII and have been rebuild as empty concrete shapes used for exhibitions. https://www.bauhaus-dessau.de/en/architecture/bauhaus-buildings-in-dessau/new-masters-houses.html

  • Peaceful Church / Friedenskirche

    Peaceful Church / Friedenskirche

    One of my favorite buildings and places in Potsdam: The Church of Peace or “Friedenskirche”. The colonnades offer a place of calm and respite from our busy world. And a spot for young adults from the nearby high school to hang out.

  • Potsdam: No place to linger

    Potsdam: No place to linger

    What is the purpose of a city? A city is place for people to live, work, socialize, raise their kids and more. A city is a home for the citizens, a place to do business and for those not living or working there a place to visit. But a city is more than just housing,…

  • Classic Negative Evening Walk

    Classic Negative Evening Walk

    I love Fujifilm cameras because of their built-in film simulations. These give images a certain look without much editing. And not only that, they offer a unique and consistent look. For color images I mostly use Classic Chrome due to its subdued colors and complex tonality. Recently though I saw someone being very enthusiastic about…

  • Fields and Leaves

    Fields and Leaves

    If you browse through my posts and images you quickly realize that my “sujet” is the urban environment, especially the ugly, neglected or utilitarian kind. Which is kind of ironic because these environments usually stress me out being highly sensitive. Maybe depicting them as empty and quiet spaces is my way to deal with them.…

  • Photowalk Berlin #3: A promise of ugliness

    Photowalk Berlin #3: A promise of ugliness

    I did another photowalk with a lovely person who promised me plenty of ugliness. I like the ugly parts of town. I don’t like spending time there but I like taking pictures. And she did not promise too much. I saw horrible inner city highways, inhumane pedestrian overpasses, parking lots and a giant furniture big…

  • Berlin Alexanderplatz: A triplet in one image

    Berlin Alexanderplatz: A triplet in one image

    1: The station hall was originally built in 1882 but after severe damage in WWII redesigned in 1962 with a more austere socialist look. This look was mostly kept during the reconstruction finishing in 1998. The hall is to this day quite impressive. 2: The large department store (“Kaufhaus Tietz”) was built in the early…

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