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  • A week in film recipes #4: Kodachrome 64

    A week in film recipes #4: Kodachrome 64

    I wrote about wanting to find my own photographic style in a sea of jpeg recipes and Lightroom presets. These recipes are a great starting point and it is my idea to test and modify several different ones. I want to use only recipe for a week to see what can be done with it…

  • Don’t forget fitness

    Don’t forget fitness

    I took the following shot on one of our walks through the mask-free parts of town. This is the front of a closed off shopping center. The only retailers open for business are supermarkets, flower shops, drugstores and bakeries. The gym above has been closed for months now. Their hashtag #dontforgetfitness is a helpless plea…

  • Single Shot ☕ #1: “The Olymp”

    Single Shot ☕ #1: “The Olymp”

    “Single Shot ☕”: A series of only one photo with a haiku-like description. A name appropriate as it is inappropriateA construction worker ascending onto his heavenly throneSweet release after a hearty mealThe man inside standing on the shoulder of giants; who made this mundane plastic box possibleA true Olymp of ingenuity

  • Vintage Lens Jeopardy #2: Fujinon EBC 28mm F3.5 review

    Vintage Lens Jeopardy #2: Fujinon EBC 28mm F3.5 review

    Introduction Welcome to part #2 of Vintage Lens Jeopardy. Today I am taking a look at the Fujinon EBC 28mm F3.5 wide angle lens for M42. As this is a brand name lens prices are quite different from the weird Porst lens I wrote about last time, a name unknown to most people outside Germany.…

  • Leaves the Bench

    Leaves the Bench

    A vintage lens the FUJINON EBC 28mm/F3.5 This is one of the first images I took with my new (used) Fujifilm X-T3 and a vintage lens. In this case the FUJINON EBC 28mm/F3.5. It is a classic wide angle lens from the late 70s and early 80s. So about 40 years old. Mine is in…