Tag: Olympus OM-D E-M10

  • Gardens of the World

    Gardens of the World

    This was taken in a very weird place (at least for me weird) in Berlin. The “Gardens of the World“. It used to be park with playgrounds for the people inhabiting the newly built residential areas of East Berlin. But at some point in 2000 they changed the concept and began to showcase gardening styles…

  • Old Subway and New Station

    Old Subway and New Station

    This was taken in Berlins latest subway station between the new and modern “Hauptbahnhof” (main station). As of today it only runs between the Brandenburg Gate and this station making a single stop near Angela Merkel’s office. Even though this is the most modern subway line in Berlin they put in an old train until…

  • Summer Rain

    Summer Rain

    This is not an especially artistic or documentary picture. I just went out after a refreshing summer rain to enjoy the cool evening air. This park in Berlin would have been chock full with people having their barbecues and adding to the air pollution and garbage if it had not been for the rain. Instead…