• Street Experiments

    Street Experiments

    Street photography is something that lately I came to appreciate. These are my experiments mostly from 2022. These photos are neither great nor outstanding. I consider them experimental and claim no expertise or craftsmanship in this genre. But I am also of the opinion that we should share our experiments, try-outs and failures so we…

  • Peaceful Church / Friedenskirche

    Peaceful Church / Friedenskirche

    One of my favorite buildings and places in Potsdam: The Church of Peace or “Friedenskirche”. The colonnades offer a place of calm and respite from our busy world. And a spot for young adults from the nearby high school to hang out.

  • Want shopping, will travel

    Want shopping, will travel

    Being an astute observer of urban life people quite often baffle me. I have the fortune or misfortune of living in a tourist destination. It seems like an immutable law or cycle that what makes cities livable very often also makes them attractive to tourists. And this again makes them a bit less attractive for…

  • Potsdam: No place to linger

    Potsdam: No place to linger

    What is the purpose of a city? A city is place for people to live, work, socialize, raise their kids and more. A city is a home for the citizens, a place to do business and for those not living or working there a place to visit. But a city is more than just housing,…

  • Fields and Leaves

    Fields and Leaves

    If you browse through my posts and images you quickly realize that my “sujet” is the urban environment, especially the ugly, neglected or utilitarian kind. Which is kind of ironic because these environments usually stress me out being highly sensitive. Maybe depicting them as empty and quiet spaces is my way to deal with them.…

  • Photopresso ☕ #20: “Postal Service”

    Photopresso ☕ #20: “Postal Service”

    One photo, one bad poem

  • Signs of Low Color

    Signs of Low Color

    Germans love signs, we love to tell each other what not to do and where not to do it. Here is a small collection purposefully de-saturated. This sign denotes a zone where motor vehicles shall not exceed a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Speed limits in Germany are one of the few rules that…

  • Photowalk Potsdam #2: Concrete Living

    Photowalk Potsdam #2: Concrete Living

    In German real estate language every apartment or condo building that is just slightly above the market average gets the moniker “living” attached to it’s sales brochures. You are not just buying or renting an apartment you are buying into a whole new lifestyle. A new living. Premium living of course. How this ends up…

  • Duo Trash

    Duo Trash

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