• Stairs


    I like stairs. They come in so many forms, sizes and colors. It is always nice to catch some stairs empty especially the ones connecting train platforms with the streets above or below them.

  • Photowalk Berlin #4: Pallas

    Photowalk Berlin #4: Pallas

    Welcome to another photwalk. This time I went through the district of Schöneberg. An eclectic mix of gentrified turn of the century (that is the 20th) neighborhoods, public housing, large roads, touristy and very local markets. Easy to reach, a lot to see. My walk started at the newly built station “Julius Leber Brücke”. A…

  • Photopresso ☕ #22: “Here we go”

    Photopresso ☕ #22: “Here we go”

    One photo, one bad poem

  • On my way to work

    On my way to work

    A few days ago I went back to the office. With parental leave and the pandemic I spent most of the last three years working from (or staying at) home. I expected to get back into the office on a regular basis but that is not how it turned out. My employer seemed to have…

  • Photopresso ☕ #16: “Feuerbach-Triptych”

    Photopresso ☕ #16: “Feuerbach-Triptych”

    “Photopresso ☕”: One three photo, one haiku-style poem, always some thoughts Going down togetherDesigning togetherEating together

  • Photopresso ☕ #15: “Gothic”

    Photopresso ☕ #15: “Gothic”

    “Photopresso ☕”: One photo, one haiku-style poem, always some thoughts GothicConference1000 years

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