• A walk with film recipes #6: Ilford Ortho 80 Plus

    A walk with film recipes #6: Ilford Ortho 80 Plus

    East German is weather is currently a melange of different kinds of grey interspersed by light rain and uncomfortable winds. That is a typical Berlin winter for you and it has been like it since November last year. Which means that there was not much photography to be done. So this time why not have […]

  • Window Shopping

    Window Shopping

    The term window shopping describes the activity of looking into shop windows without buying anything or sometimes even entering the store. This is what I have been doing for a while. Because people who are not vaccinated against Covid are only allowed to enter shops that sell “essential goods” like supermarkets, drug stores and so […]

  • Ohne Sorge in Grau

    Ohne Sorge in Grau

    Ein absolut trüber und grauer Tag. Das Licht war völlig diffus und es gab keine Schatten. Trotzdem eine geradezu samtige Atmosphäre.

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