Tetris on the go #2

Tetris on the go #2bTetris on the go #2a
Tetris on the go #2
Fujifilm X-T3 + Helios 44-M 58mm F2 1/120s ISO12800 and 1/250s ISO 4000 Acros film simulation

On a particularly dreary day I took these 3D tetris shapes into the stairwell hoping to find some inspiration there. Of course the Little One kept grabbing them every time I had them neatly stacked up. These are really just some fun snapshots (I took more pictures of her playing around than anything else) but I thought I would share them anyway. Just have look at the havoc the lens’ bokeh wreaks with the structured background (i.e. carpet).

I am also astonished at the image quality at ISO 12800(!). That number is insane. I think my Canon EOS 20D went up 3200 in enhanced mode which was unusable. In practice ISO 400 was the maximum and even then noise was pretty nasty. But here in black and white ISO 12800 is completely usable. Certainly not for high res landscapes but it is great for documentary and street photography. Color images do suffer a bit more from noise so I limit the camera to ISO 3200.

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