Train View

Train view landscape #1 (2022)

There is something soothing about watching the world go by. There is nothing to do but the time is still well spent. Eventually I will arrive without any doing from my part except boarding the train and taking a seat. It is such a great opportunity to simply do nothing in our frantically busy world. Maybe I will listen to some music but only when the others are noisy. I’d rather just embrace the whole experience including the train engine, the wind noises, the screeching of the railway and the clanking whenever we pass a switch.

Train view landscape #2 (2022)

I always wonder why people try to busy themselves on a train ride. I do get it for very long trips. But on these short hops that are at most an hour long? We ought to welcome the opportunity to be free of having to do something, of being productive or entertained. We can just sit back, relax, watch the landscape and let some thoughts drift through.