Urban Commuter Station

Sometimes I let a little program pick one of my images and I see what I can up with in terms of story. This time the image was part of a series so I thought about putting the whole set up as a gallery. Tell me what you think about this idea.

This is an inner city commuter station where people can change between the “S-Bahn” (suburban / city rail) the subway and the tram service. There also is a bus station nearby. The subway here is actually above the other train service (like this) which is endlessly confusing for tourists. Look at the picture in the lower left corner. The tunnel entrance leads to the city rail and the right staircase to the subway. Oh yes this is a tourist hotspot so expect lots of confused people standing right there annoying all the commuters.

I took all pictures with the Olympus PEN E-P1 and the 14-42mm kit zoom lens. It was such a small and unobtrusive camera that I could stand around and wait for the small opportunities when there where no people in the frame because I like to capture the emptiness of what are in reality very busy places. Please enjoy the gallery. Just click on a picture and you can click through it. I added some comments to each one.